07/07/2019 - Free Agency Woes

Alex and Ruben bring on Brice Paterik of Mavs Moneyball and Locked on Rangers to discuss the Mavericks floundering in free agency, Mark Cuban’s comments on said floundering, and Alex gets a little frustrated with Cuban’s comments. Later, there is discussion about how the Kawhi deal to the Clippers impacts the Mavericks in the Short, and Long term, and then touch on summer league for a bit.

06/16/2019 - Let The Woj Bombs Commence!

Alex and Brice (@bricepaterik) wrap up the NBA season talking about the final 2 games of the NBA finals, and how that will impact the upcoming season. They also discuss the Anthony Davis trade, how that affects the upcoming free agent market, and what it means for the Mavs. Finally, there’s some discussion about the Dallas Wings getting their first win of the season, the play-style differences in the WNBA vs the NBA, and some hopes for the future.

06/01/2019 - The Warriors are Thanos

Alex and Ruben spend a lot of time talking about the Finals, and Alex makes some bold predictions as to how the rest of the series will play out. Then there’s talk about Luka Day, and the memability of Luka Doncic. There’s also discussion around the rumors that the Rockets are looking to sell off part of the team, Mavs Gaming finally losing their first game, and some argument about teams that don’t play in Dallas using the “Dallas” moniker.

05/19/2019 - 2nd Round Pick, Here We come!

Alex and Ruben bring on draft expert Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to discuss the upcoming NBA draft, what he hopes to see from the 37th pick, and discusses previous sleeper picks that he was aware of before others while trying to predict the sleeper pick of this 2019 draft. Afterwards, Max Leavy (@MaxScouts) comes on to discuss basketball Ultras, his formation of his own ultras group, alongside the relationship his group has built with the Dallas Wings in order to bring more recognition for both!

05/12/2019 - Mega Pod Special featuring Bobby Karalla and Skyler in Dallas

Alex and Ruben deep dive this week with a mega pod! First, we have Bobby Karalla on to discuss Detective Pikachu, Mavericks players’ Pokemon teams, the NBA draft lottery, and the upcoming season. After talking with Bobby, we bring in Skyler in Dallas to talk about the Mavericks jersey designs, his favorite jersey work in sports, rebrands in the NBA, and general Mavs talk as well! Since the Pod is so long here’s some timestamps for what to expect.

Intro 0:00 - 2:11

Bobby Karalla 2:12 - 58:31

Twitter Brands 2:12 - 5:37

Pokemon 5:37 - 34:40

NBA 34:41 - 58:31

Recap 58:32 - 59:26

Skyler 59:27- 1:41:16

Outro 1:41:17- 1:42:48

04/27/2019 - To Portland, With Love

Alex and Ruben discuss the Portland Trailblazers, Dame Lillard, and how it parallels to the 2011 Mavericks and Dirk. We also discuss the upcoming WNBA season, including the new TV deal with CBS Sports and hopes for the Wings season. We also discuss Ruben’s new found love for Velvet Hammer, Beer-To-Go passing the Texas House, and the Dallas Stars moving on to the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs.

03/30/2019 - A Week of ups and downs

Alex and Ruben discuss a roller-coaster of a week, starting with a blowout of the Curry-less Warriors in Oakland, and ending with some new allegations against Kristaps Porzingis. There is, thankfully, a lighthearted discussion about Boban yelling “KOBE” on a fadaway in the paint. Alex and Ruben also discuss how they’re both preparing for the upcoming Velvet Hammer 5K.